How to Check Original Samsung phone

The article below will show you how to check the originality of a Samsung phone. It is important that people know how to do this because there are so many fake phones out there and not everyone knows the difference. A real Original Samsung phone has an IMEI code on it, which you can use to see if it’s legitimate or not. If you need help with anything else about your Samsung phone, please leave a comment

International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, also known as the IMEI number, is a 15 digit code assigned to each and every smartphone by their manufacturers. This number can be used to identify your specific device from others similar devices in the event it gets lost or stolen

Total Time: 10 minutes

1) Find the IMEI Number on a Samsung phone via the setting

about phone

This IMEI number can be used to identify your specific device from other similar devices in the event it gets lost or stolen. The location of this unique identifier varies depending upon what type of Samsung phone you have but in most cases, it will be located under your battery somewhere or if you have a non-removal battery the IMEI number is in the box .You can find the IMEI number in the box of the phone, but if you’re not sure what that is then just go to settings and look for “about device.” Your IMEI number should show up

Swipe down on your screen to access the Quick Settings menu

The IMEI or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is an identification number that is unique to each mobile device. It can be found in different places depending on the model of your Samsung phone and whether it’s an Android or non-Android device

2) Scroll down to the bottom and tap on About phone

about phone
In the about section of every Samsung phone you will fin the detail

The Model Number, Serial Number and IMEI will be displayed

device details
If you see your about section only shows the mobile number and model number without a IMEI number your phone is probably fake

Find IMEI and Serial Number via phone dialer

Select Phone or dial

 dial *#06#

about phone
write down your keypad the  *#06#

The screen will show you the IMEI number and Serial Number (S/N).

find EMI on the new phone

Look at the back of your phone

how to check samsung original phone

how to check original Samsung phone by checking IMEI code

how to check samsung phone original or copy

Samsung is one of the top leading companies in the world that manufactures different electronic products. The most popular product they have is smartphones. Samsung has a variety of smartphones under its name, some are meant for high-end users while others are low-budget ones. But all these types of mobile phones have something in common which is their originality and authenticity. If you want to buy any phone from Samsung then do not go with duplicate or fake models because buying them will be useless as they won’t last long and at times it may even harm your smartphone’s life span too.

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