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The Vivo Y20 2021 is a smartphone that has been created to be functional and affordable. With its very reasonable price, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a phone with many features but do not want to spend too much money on one. It also offers amazing performance even when running multiple apps at the same time and comes with a 5-inch display that makes watching videos or playing games more enjoyable. This article will provide you with all of these details and more about this product so continue reading if you would like to learn more!
The Vivo Y20 2021 is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable phone that still has features such as 4G capability and dual SIM slots. The 5-inch screen provides

ভিভো ওয়াই ২০ ২০২১ ফোনটি জানুয়ারী ২০২১ মুক্তি পেয়েছে

ভিভো ওয়াই ২০ ২০২১ ফোনটির ডিসপ্লে আইপিএস এলসিডি এবং আয়তন 6.51 ইঞ্চি, 102.3 সেমি 2 (~ 81.6% স্ক্রিন-টু-বডি অনুপাত)। ডিসপ্লের রেজুলেশন 720 x 1600 পিক্সেল, 20: 9 অনুপাত। ডিসপ্লের উপরে রয়েছে গ্লাস ও প্লাস্টিক ব্যাক এবং প্লাস্টিক ফ্রেম। ফোনটির ওজন 192 গ্রাম এবং থিকনেস 8.4 মিমি।

Vivo Y20 2021: Price in Bangladesh (2021)- Most Popular Vivo Phone in Bangladesh


vivo Y20 2021



The Vivo Y20 is a smartphone that has a simple design and it has many decent features. It’s a great phone for people who don’t want to spend too much money on their cell phone plan, but still wants to have some of the modern day technologies.

Vivo Y20 2021 in Hand

The screen size is pretty big compared to other phones in this price range, which makes watching videos or playing games more enjoyable. Also it’s one of the cheapest smartphones with 4GB RAM available today. So if you want an affordable smartphone without all the bells and whistles, then read more about why I think this is a great choice below!
The Vivo Y20 2021 is an affordable smartphone that comes with many modern-day features at an inexpensive price point. With

ভিভো ওয়াই ২০ ২০২১ ফোনটির অপারেটিং সিস্টেমে ব্যবহার করা হয়েছে অ্যান্ড্রয়েড 10, ফুনটোচ 11 এবং চিপসেট মেডিয়েটেক MT6765 হেলিও পি 35 (12 এনএম)। সিপিইউ অক্টা-কোর (4×2.35 গিগাহার্টজ কর্টেক্স-এ 53 এবং 4×1.8 গিগাহার্টজ কর্টেক্স-এ53) এবং জিপিইউ পাওয়ারভিআর জিই 8320। ফোনটি পাওয়া যাবে ৪ জিবি র‌্যাম এবং ৬৪ জিবি স্টোরেজে .

ফোনটিতে রয়েছে লিথিয়াম পলিমার 5000 এমএএইচ ব্যাটারি এবং 10W ফাস্ট চার্জিং সুবিধা। ফোনটিতে রয়েছে ফিঙ্গারপ্রিন্ট (সাইড মাউন্ট), অ্যাক্সিলোমিটার, গাইরো, প্রক্সিমিটি, কম্পাস ইত্যাদি সুবিধা।

ভিভো y20 বাংলাদেশ মার্কেট প্রাইস অফিসিয়ালি ৪ গিবি + ৬৪ জিবি ১৪০০০ টাকা – ১৪ হাজার টাকা

ভিভো Y20G Obsidian Black 6GB+128GB (4G) বাংলাদেশে vivo y20 জি এর দাম – ১৮ হাজার টাকা

Vivo’s new budget smartphone Vivo Y20 (2021) has been launched. Many great features have been provided in the phone like a triple rear camera, waterdrop notch display and 5000mAh battery. The company has just launched this phone in Malaysia. Its price in Malaysia is about 11 thousand rupees according to Indian rupees. For the time being, let’s know what is being offered in these new budget smartphones of Vivo.


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Qualcomm SM4250 Snapdragon 460


Octa Core Processor


IPS-LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display)


3GB, 4GB, 6GB


2020, August



4 reviews for Vivo Y20 2021

  1. rahat

    The Vivo Y20 2021 is a budget phone that has a lot going for it. It comes with an 18:9 HD+ display, dual cameras and face unlock among many other features. The Vivo Y20 2021 also has great battery life as well as being lightweight to carry around. This makes the phone ideal for those who want a good quality smartphone without having to pay over the odds.

  2. ajanta

    The Vivo Y20 2021 is the latest mobile phone released by Chinese manufacturer Vivo. The phone has some incredibly impressive specifications considering its low price of $200! It’s got a Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage that can be expanded with an SD card up to 256 GB. With this great specification, i am using it and its awsome

  3. Natalie

    My Vivo Y20 is the best battery phone I’ve ever had. It lasted 2 days with me being on it constantly, texting family and friends all day long–but not to worry because my new baby doesn’t have that problem! The camera also takes amazing pictures for taking selfies or group shots of myself n my boys at their pretend baseball game last night (they were too excited).
    The colors are really clear which is rare in today’s world where everything looks mostly washed out unless you’re viewing optimal brightness settings… but even then some phones still don’t do enough justice when displaying certain hues like blues/purples so they always look “diluted.” But now these precise details stand out more than any other device

  4. Saqlain

    Wow! I can’t believe that a phone company would let their customers’ data get lost. When you forget your passwords, the only way to recover them is by going into service center and losing all of these precious items – contacts lists, messages from friends/family members who might not know what has happened yet because they don’t receive texts anymore (you’ll miss those important moments!), photos taken over time at parties or events which will never be seen again if this keeps up…

    I found myself in dire need when trying out vivo y20

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